Stacked containers in Singapore, © Chuttersnap / Unsplash

Trade Policy Task Force

The Trade Policy Task Force at the Kiel Institute works on economic policy and, in particular, trade policy issues of strategic and current relevance. It draws on and further develops various quantitative (trade) models for scenario calculations when dealing with diverse topics, such as geoeconomic challenges (sanctions, trade wars, etc.) or international trade agreements and disruptions (e.g. Mercosur, Brexit). Furthermore, new data sources are developed, evaluated and published in studies and projects (e.g. Corona Data Monitor). The goal of the Trade Policy Task Force is to combine topical policy-relevant issues with rigorous academic work - and to communicate the results in the media and through lectures. The Task Force has been in existence since 2019. Under the direction of Dr. Katrin Kamin and Prof. Dr. Julian Hinz, two professors, one junior professor and four doctoral students work in the group.