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Improving the European Semester
European flags © Jorisvo – iStockphotoResearchers of the Kiel Institute developed proposals for improving the efficiency of the European Semester. The Paper is written to advise the European Parliament in the Economic Dialogue with the President of the Eurogroup. “Any mechanism for policy coordination depends crucially on the institutional framework that it is supposed to operate in. Consequently, proposals for further improvement of the European Semester must take the institutional environment into account”, the researchers say. more...

Cropland’s untapped potential
Aehren © Petra Reinartz - Fotolia.comThe rising demand for food around the world can be met without expansion of agricultural cropland – provided the land now available is optimally exploited – says a new study by LMU geographer Wolfram Mauser and his colleagues in cooperation with Gernot Klepper and colleagues at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. more...

Header Global Economic Symposium

After the Global Economic Symposium 2015 – the Solution-Process and the shaping of the discussed solution proposals continues! Keep up with all Solution Proposals, Blog entries and news of the GES by checking the GES Website and the GES Blog. Additionally you can follow the GES on Twitter and Facebook – join the discussion! #gesym15

The next GES is already ahead: We are looking forward to the Global Economic Symposium 2016, October 25th to 27th in Istanbul, Turkey.

Apply now: Courses on Economic Growth, Monetary Policy and Migration
teaching © auremar - Fotolia.comIn the context of its Advanced Studies Program (ASP), the Kiel Institute offers several one-week courses with prominent speakers: Economic Growth (Oded Galor, Brown University), Monetary Policy (Lawrence Christiano, Northwestern University), International Migration (Hillel Rapoport, Paris School of Economics). Application forms and more information

China: Robust growth in a risky enivronment
© nui7711 - Fotolia.comHow would a sudden pronounced reduction of growth in China impact on the world economy? While official statistics still point to growth of 7 per cent year on year, alternative measures of economic activity show signs of a more pronounced slowdown of the Chinese economy. With two different global models Kiel Institute researchers run simulations and show that a “hard landing” of the Chinese economy (a drop in growth rates of three percentage points) would reduce global production by roughly one percent. The impact across countries varies with emerging market economies generally more affected than advanced ones. The German economy – due to its strong trade links to China – would suffer more than its European peers. Read more in the Kiel Policy Brief by IfW-researchers Klaus-Jürgen Gern, Philipp Hauber and Galina Potjagailo.

Business Cycle Forecast

The Kiel Institute's Business Cycle Forecast of Autumn from September 10, 2015

All business cycle forecasts of the Kiel Institute can be found here.


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