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Laureates of the Global Economy Prize 2015 declared

medaille_wwp.jpgThe renowned Kiel Institute Global Economy Prize will this year go to former Soviet head of state Michail Gorbatschow, to General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, to entrepreneurs Kristine and Douglas Tompkins as well as to economist Sir Christopher A. Pissarides. The personalities will be honored as masterminds of a cosmopolitan, market oriented and caring society by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the City of Kiel and the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry. more...

Kiel Institute Summer School on Innovation, Employment and Growth in the Global Economy

Foto IfWThe recent wave of innovation, in particular the ICT revolution, had a deep impact on countries worldwide. It also led to a reassessment of the effects which innovation has on our economies. How do innovations spread over space and time? How do they affect the global organization of production? What are the implications for economic growth and employment? The summer school will address these issues and discuss appropriate policy responses. Here you can find more Information on speakers, schedule and application. more...

Economy pushed by low oil price and low interest rates

world on numbers © lily - Fotolia.comThe global economy and the German economy are regaining momentum. World economic growth is expected to strengthen gradually over the coming two years according to the latest Kiel Institute forecast.The German GDP is to increase by 1.7 percent in 2015 and 1.9 percent in 2016. Initially, growth will be driven in particular by private consumption. more...

Bernhard Harms Prize Winner Abhijit Banerjee: Re-thinking Development Programs

vl. Prof. Abhijit Banerjee and Prof. SnowerMIT professor Abhijit Banerjee, this year’s recipient of the Kiel Institute’s Bernhard Harms Prize, is calling for a new form of development aid. The results of his randomized testing known from medical research cast doubt on some of the conventional wisdom of fighting poverty. A Deutsche Welle TV team met him during his stay in Kiel. Watch their report here. more...

snower.jpgCompetition and Cooperation – What Needs to Change in Economics

“Are economists superfluous?”, asks Kiel Institute’s President Dennis J. Snower in the latest Kiel Institute Focus. Since the last financial crisis a debate has raged as to whether economists still have much relevant insight to offer citizens and politicians alike. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently called upon economists at the meeting of Nobel laureates in Lindau to deliver more practical recommendations to policymakers and to revise their conceptual structure of what is described as economic success. more...

Business Cycle Forecast

The Kiel Institute's Business Cycle Forecast of Spring will be online March 12, 2015.

EUROFRAME: Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2014/2015

All business cycle forecasts of the Kiel Institute can be found here.


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