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Analysis, comments and proposals on the supposed crisis continent of Africa: Above all, it is a continent of untapped opportunities, without which the global energy transition will not succeed and climate change cannot be stopped.


  1. Working Paper

    Africa's Great Moderation

    Kiel Working Papers

    Over the past 30 years (1990-2019), African economies have experienced remarkable improvements in real macroeconomic conditions, characterized by...

Africa Monitor

The Africa Monitor is a joint effort of the research center for International Development and the Kiel Institute's Africa Initiative, to build an interactive platform that tracks leading economic indicators for 55 African economies, and to provides economic analysis as well as analytical tools to monitor economic developments in Africa. The monitor consists of several building blocks accessible through the website.

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Kiel Institute Africa Initiative

The Kiel Institute Africa Initiative will build a network of experts mainly from economics, who will exchange research findings, work on joint research projects, and engage in a dialogue with policymakers and the general public. The focus of the network’s activities will be on Africa-Europe relations. Furthermore, Africa Initiative will closely collaborate with existing initiatives at the Kiel Institute.

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