Inside shoot of the cupola of the Reichstag, the building of the German Bundestag.

Economic Policy in Germany

Research and commentary on economic policy issues in Germany such as taxation, subsidies, the welfare system, demographic change, and many more.

Policy Contributions

Kiel Subsidy Reports

Since 1998, the Kiel Subsidy Report of the Kiel Institute documents the financial assistance provided by the Federal Government and the Länder as well as the overall tax benefits.

The number of subsidies recorded is significantly higher than in the official subsidy report of the Federal Government.

The subsidy report also includes sine 2017 a categorisation of the most important financial assistance from the federal government and the largest tax concessions with regard to their gradual harmfulness, according to a "red-yellow-green" traffic light scheme.

The report is only available in German and published by the area Special Topics.