Dr. Klaus Schrader

Head - Special Topics

Topics: Labor Market, European Union & Euro, Globalization, International Trade, Welfare State, Germany, Europe


Main research interests

  • Economic Integration in the Enlarged EU
  • Labour Market Policy and Employment
  • Economy in Schleswig-Holstein

Dr. Klaus Schrader, born in 1962, studied economics at the University of Cologne, where he received his doctorate on the topic of "Regulatory Policy in Central and Eastern European Reform Countries". He has been working at the Kiel Institute since 1988, where he has been in charge of numerous research and consulting projects for various clients. One of his present research focuses is on issues of regional economic development, which are dealt with in the context of the Kiel Institute's „Nordwärts" initiative. In addition, he deals with structural development in EU countries and other European economies. He is a recognized expert in the fields of labor market analysis, regional structural analysis, Baltic Sea region research, structural change in industrialized countries, and international trade. His work has resulted in a large number of scientific and economic policy publications.