Why choose our program?

If you care about the global economy, strive for academic excellence, and want to make a difference, then this program is for you. In more detail, this is what we offer:

1. A clear focus on international economics

Our program concentrates on international economics, in particular international macroeconomics, international finance, international trade, international migration, international political economy, and international climate economics. These areas play a crucial role in the global economy, yet they are often not addressed in classic economics PhD programs. The Kiel Institute is the ideal place to study international flows of goods, assets and people.

2. Academic excellence and world-leading lecturers

We want our students to make a lasting impact on the world and on economic research. What sets the ASP apart is not only its emphasis on international economics but also its combination of internal and external lecturers. Key methodological skills will be taught at graduate-level curriculum of macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics courses. This core training will be supplemented by a dozen “advanced studies courses” that are taught by world-renowned professors from the best universities across the world. Our external lecturers are leaders in their field and work on exciting, relevant research. By taking courses with them, our PhD students will receive feedback from the very best and experience the research frontier in international economics first-hand.

3. Policy relevance

Our goal is to equip students with the skills to participate in groundbreaking research with real-world impact. While pursuing their dissertation, students should strive to do research of the highest scientific quality but also tackle genuine challenges and, ideally, contribute insights that can inform policymaking.

4. A small cohort with close supervision and a collegial and supportive atmosphere

We admit only a small cohort of 4 to 5 students per year, so that we offer an excellent student-to-professor ratio and can properly train and supervise students. Our aim is to ideally prepare students for the international job market for economist, so that they get offers for research jobs at top universities around the world or at the world’s leading policy institutions that conduct serious research, such as the Federal Reserve Bank or the IMF. To achieve this, we want our students to work in a collegial and supportive atmosphere. You will also have the opportunity to interact with over 25 current PhD students at the Kiel Institute, all of whom share an enthusiasm for research on topics in international economics. We value transparency, fairness, and a constructive exchange of ideas. We particularly encourage women to apply and aim for at least 50% female students.

5. Generous financial and housing support

The ASP charges no tuition fees. Accepted students are offered a 16-month scholarship of 1750 Euros/month to finish their course work and to develop first research ideas. After students pass their exams successfully, they will be offered a 42-month junior researcher position at the Kiel Institute (approx. 2200 net/month, through a German public-sector 75% TVL EG 13 contract). To facilitate a focus on the curriculum, our PhD students are offered subsidized housing at our “Haus Weltclub” in the first 16 months of the program (many rooms have a nice waterfront view). We also offer generous internal grants to fund PhD research projects, research stays at leading universities abroad, as well as for participating at leading conferences and summer schools.

6. Choose between the Baltic Sea (Kiel) and Berlin

After passing their coursework, students can choose to pursue their research either at the Kiel Institute or at our new Kiel-CEPR Research Hub in central Berlin.