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The Society for the Advancement of the Kiel Institute is an independent and non-profit association, set up to support the Kiel Institute in its mission.

The Society for the Advancement of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy is an independent and non-profit association, set up to support the Kiel Institute in its mission. Members of the Society are individual persons, companies and federations willing to support the Kiel Institute as an internationally important economic research institute and as a think tank for global economic questions.

As further goals, the Society encourages close contacts between its members and the Kiel Institute researchers to strengthen the co-operation between business and scientific communities and facilitates new business connections among its members.

More specifically, the Society supports

  • the Kiel Institute with organizing international important conferences, seminars and further scientific events, taking place at various locations worldwide.
  • economic researchers financially and morally in education and training.
  • the economic research of the Kiel Institute and the transfer of scientific results to policy makers and  to the broader public.
  • the Kiel Institute in awarding the Bernhard Harms Prize – as a rule every two years, – to a scholar with outstanding achievements in global economic research or to a personality of the business community who has contributed substantially to promote global economic relations.

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Gesellschaft zur Förderung der
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President: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Grenz



Kristina Sander
T +49 431 8814-238
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Thorsten Grenz

President of the Society,
managing partner of KIMBRIA​​​​​​​

As a member you will participate in an exclusive circle of renowned personalities and prestigious companies that will be networking with each other and with the Kiel Institute. Our goals are highly relevant, both scientifically and with respect to economic policy. I am looking forward to new members embracing these goals!

Your benefits as a member of the Society

International Network

The Kiel Institute is well connected internationally: Nobel laureates and government officials tend to meet at the Kiel Institute’s events.

Exclusive Events

You will gain access to the Kiel Institute’s events while benefitting from special conditions.

Knowledge Edge

Networking with renowned researchers and early information on global economic issues will give you an edge in knowledge

High Reputation

The Kiel Institute enjoys worldwide an excellent reputation. As a sponsor of the Kiel Institute you will benefit from this reputation.

Who can become a member?

Individuals, commercial companies as well as trade associations can become members. In case you want do not want to become a member but would like to support the society nevertheless, one-off donations are very welcome. With respect to current tax regulations, the society is recognized as a non-profit, charitable organization. Hence, donations and contributions are tax deductible.

By means of your membership or one-off donations you will

  • become involved with the development of path-breaking solutions to international economic challenges
  • support the shaping of public opinion on global economic issues
  • promote education and training of young researchers

What we are supporting

By means of donations and membership contributions, we will support projects in various research centers as well as activities for which no public funds are available.

Inter alia, we support

  • International conferences of the Kiel Institute and seminars at home and abroad as well as further scientific events.
  • Young researchers, both financially and morally, like for instance by scholarships for the Kiel Institute’s Advanced Studies Program
  • the Kiel Institute’s research work and the transfer of its results both into economic policy and the broad public.
  • the Bernhard Harms Prize – usually biannually – to a personality from academia or business that is characterized by special achievements in either science or promoting global economic relations
  • the Global Economy Prize awarded annually to influential personalities from politics, business and economics who have made an outstanding contribution to establishing a just and protective society based on individual initiative and responsibility.
  • special projects like a book project on the history of the Kiel Institute on the occasion of the 100th anniversary in 2014

Supporting science, research and education as well as facilitating international understanding are particularly dear to me. I am very pleased that being a member of the Society enables me to work towards these goals.

Lutz Meschke

Chief Financial Officer,
Porsche AG

Michael Heinz, board member BASF SE

Michael Heinz

board member,  BASF SE

The world has become increasingly complex, along with perceptible political and economic uncertainty in many parts of the world. Against this backdrop it is important that market participants – especially global players like BASF – will develop a clear understanding of opportunities and challenges in order to take the right decisions. The Kiel Institute for the World Economy helps us to understand fundamental macroeconomic developments, to assess long-term trends and to analyze the driving forces and challenges of global economic developments. It provides a platform bringing together international expertise from economics and politics, from science and from the business world.

The Society has been established in 1913 and since then it is assisting and advising one of the important centers of global economic research, education and consulting. Being the founders grandson, I happily contribute to the Society  and I am glad so see the up to date role and mission of the Institute as well as the successful work of its management and staff.

Prof. J. Menno Harms

Chairman of the board,
Hewlett-Packard GmbH

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