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Business Cycles and Growth

The Research Center Business Cycles and Growth combines regular forecasting with macroeconomic research and comprehensive policy advice. Bringing together theoretical expertise, empirical evidence, and institutional knowledge in macroeconomic affairs is key to our mission. Based on the ongoing diagnosis of macroeconomic developments we proactively identify relevant policy challenges, develop research-based solutions, and communicate the results in the form of consulting output and media contacts. Macroeconomic research activities aim at continuously improving our analytic toolbox and provides feedback to academia on the usefulness of empirical methods and theoretical models.

We cooperate with partners all over the world, such as the European research networks EUROFRAME and AIECE. The Kieler Konjunkturgespräche (KKG) is our flagship conference on international business cycles and global economic affairs, where we present our research and discuss global macroeconomic issues with other forecasters, policymakers, and business leaders. The annual scientific conference within the Ensuring Economic and Employment Stability Network (EES)brings together academic researchers in our field of expertise.


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