Ambient temperature, social perception and social behavior


  • Krause
  • J.
  • Nanninga
  • G.
  • Ring
  • P.
  • Schmidt
  • U.
  • Schunk
  • D.

The literature suggests that human perception and behavior vary with physical temperature. We provide an experimental test of how different ambient temperature conditions impact social behavior and social perception: Subjects went through a series of tasks measuring various aspects of social behavior and perception under three temperature conditions (cold vs. optimal vs. warm). Despite well-established findings on temperature effects, our data suggest that physical temperature has no relevant influence on social behavior and social perception. We corroborate our finding of a null effect by the use of equivalence testing and provide a discussion in the light of recent failed replication attempts in this field of research.


JEL Classification
C90, D01, D90, D91