Research Seminar

Ordoliberalism as anti-populism? – Nils Hesse

05 Mär 2024

24105 Kiel
Kiel Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Kiellinie 66


Nils Hesse (Walter Eucken Institut)


The school of thought ordoliberalism relies on a legal framework to limit both economic and political power and to enable a traditionalist, humane life in established structures. At least in its objectives, ordoliberalism resembles traditionalist populism, which has a long tradition in the USA and also characterized the early phases of many European populist parties. In my presentation I examine whether ordoliberalism is an answer to this form of populism, as it is more reflective in recognizing the dangers of a totalitarian slide. To this end, key differences between the ordoliberal concept and populist concepts such as productivism, heartland, common sense and the people-elite dichotomy are elaborated. 


Lecture Hall (A-032)