Wirtschaftspolitischer Beitrag

New Perspectives on Monetary Policy


  • Schularick
  • M.

This paper presents and discusses new perspectives on the framework of monetary policy that challenge the current paradigm: (i) The development of heterogeneous agent models in which “divine coincidence” no longer holds and trade-offs between inflation and output stabilization arise; (ii) New theoretical and empirical evidence on the distributional effects of conventional and unconventional monetary policy; (iii) Evidence that stabilization policy by central banks invites more leverage, risktaking and a rising exposure of intermediaries to the systematic risks that central banks insure, which in turn increases financial and economic fragility.

Experte IfW Kiel


JEL Classification
E42, E52, E58, E64, H63


  • monetary policy
  • Stabilisierungspolitik
  • Ungleichheit