Investing in dates, poultry, olive, and medicinal and aromatic plants value chains in Egypt: Assessing the economy-wide impacts


  • El-Kersh
  • M.
  • Atef
  • M.
  • Wiebelt
  • M.
  • Ali
  • A.
  • Farghaly
  • L.
  • Abderabuh
  • Z.
  • Abdelradi
  • F.
  • Abdou
  • K.
  • Abdelaziz
  • E.
  • Faris
  • V.
  • Nasr
  • S.
  • Nassar
  • Y.
  • Nassar
  • Z.
  • Raouf
  • M.

This policy note summarizes an evaluation of public investment options for Egypt’s agri-food system conducted by the International Food Policy Research Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Government of Egypt and Cairo University. We quantitatively assess the expected economy-wide impacts of investing in four promising agricultural value-chains: dates, poultry, olives, and medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP). As part of the analysis, a range of agriculture-related public investments along the value-chains are considered, including spending to expand farm production and promotion of downstream agri-processing and marketing.

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