Future-proofing resettlement policies: Next steps for resettlement and community sponsorship in the EU


  • Diez
  • O.S.
  • Hahn
  • H.
  • Carta
  • S.

Excerpt from the Executive Summary

Resettlement—transferring refugees to a country that can grant them permanent residence—offers safe, durable solutions to the world’s most vulnerable refugees and the countries hosting them. In recent years, the EU has placed a growing emphasis on advancing its refugee resettlement policies while also supporting community sponsorship, whereby refugees are resettled with the active help of locals. But despite this promising trend, EU annual resettlement efforts have never covered more than 2% of the refugees in need worldwide. 

This Discussion Paper is part of the joint project between the European Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and the European Policy Centre (EPC) entitled “Future-proofing EU resettlement policies”.