DART-BIO: A technical description


  • Delzeit
  • R.
  • Heimann
  • T.
  • Schünemann
  • F.
  • Söder
  • M.

The goal of this technical paper is to present in a transparent way a detailed description of the DART-BIO model – the bioeconomy and land use version of the DART model. Key feature of the DART-BIO model is the explicit representation of the vegetable oil industry and the biofuel sector. The paper describes the construction and aggregation of the database used for the DART-BIO model. Further the theoretical structure of the model is elaborated. Thereby, crucial assumptions, elasticities and parameters embedded in the model are presented.

Experte IfW Kiel


JEL Classification
C68; Q16; Q24


  • Klimapolitik

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