Online Opening Conference

Kiel Institute Africa Initiative & Kiel Institute China Initiative: “China’s Economic Engagement in Africa”

03 Sep 2020

China’s rapidly growing economic activities are visible across the African continent in its bilateral trade, investment overseas, development aid activities, and migratory pattern. China has, for example, quickly evolved from being an aid recipient to becoming one of Africa’s largest sources of official development assistance, and its lending activities in Africa are greater than those of the World Bank, the IMF or all OECD governments combined. This is part of China’s strategy to fuel its booming economy and strategically position itself in a globalized world. Chinese business activities will also affect European trade and investment opportunities in ways that need to be explored, and European development cooperation with Africa faces the challenge to adjust its activities to China’s increasing engagement. The Online Opening Conference will discuss the chances and risks that China’s growing economic engagement has on Africa's economic development and how this changes the continent's international economic relations with Europe.