Journal Article

What drives the production and diffusion of mobile apps? An international investigation


  • Blanco
  • G.
  • Goel
  • R.
  • Ram
  • R.

Mobile apps have proliferated online in recent years, but related formal research has lagged behind. Using data on a large sample of nations over the years 2018–2020, we estimate the drivers of mobile app production. Results show that more mobile subscribers (capturing demand-pull effects) increase mobile app production. However, overall E-participation fails to exert a significant influence. Both FDI inflows and ICT imports contribute to mobile app production, as do the inputs and outputs of overall technological change (patents, researchers, and knowledge workers). These results contrast with the (mostly insignificant) results for capital formation and the rule of law.

Experte IfW Kiel


JEL Classification
L86, O31, O36, O33


  • Digitalisierung
  • Innovationsdiffusion
  • mobile apps