Wirtschaftspolitischer Beitrag

Towards the infrastructure of a new sustainable economy. Twenty-four months to build and implement a paradigm shift


  • Buchoud
  • N.J.
  • Lima de Miranda K.
  • Galal
  • H.
  • Trifone
  • L.

We slipped from ‘A World at Risk’ to ‘A World in Disorder’ in just a few months, but the current reversal of fortune looks has more profound roots. 1 That pre-existing pandemic risks warnings have been not been heard is just one of the underlying problems. That nations and international institution have not sufficiently included urbanization as a dimension of multilateralism is another one. The pandemic now directly questions the ability of the G20 to reinvent itself beyond the coordination of rescue packages, among growing consensus that without a new definition of prosperity and economic growth, it will be impossible to effectively combat pandemics, climate change and global poverty.



  • Infrastruktur
  • Pandemie
  • Wohlbefinden