Regional integration and migration between low-and-middle-income countries: regional initiatives need to be strengthened


  • Schneiderheinze
  • C.
  • Dick
  • E.
  • Lücke
  • M.
  • Rahim
  • A.
  • Schraven
  • B.
  • Villa
  • M.


Regional migration within Africa and other developing regions is vital for the economic development of countries of origin and destination and for the welfare of migrants and theirfamilies (as recognized by the Sustainable Development Goal 10.7). Going forward, regional migration will be a crucial tool for countries of origin and destination to adapt to demographictrends and environmental changes. Although regional organizations have invested increasing efforts in the promotion of orderly, safe and regular migration, they have received scant acknowledgment in international policies and processes. Yet, they are the most important and most promising entities to promote more liberal migration regimes. The international community, and G20 countries in particular, should support capacity building for these regional organizationsand involve them fully in relevant policy dialogues.


JEL Classification
F22, F55, O19


  • regionale Verflechtung