Cecília Hornok, Ph.D.

Topics: Companies, Globalization, International Trade

Cecilia Hornok - Kiel Institute


Main research interests

  • International trade and non-tariff barriers
  • Globalization and firm performance
  • Management practices and trust-based working time
  • Microeconometric methods

Cecília Hornok, Ph.D., is a post-doc researcher at the Kiel Institute since April 2016. She earned her doctoral degree in Economics from the Central European University in 2011 with a thesis on international trade barriers. Her research interests include international trade and non-tariff barriers, the impact of globalization on firm behavior and, more recently, management practices and firm performance.

Her research in international trade emphasizes the role of non-tariff trade barriers, such as trading time or administrative barriers, in shaping trade relationships. Her work on the topic of globalization and firm behavior focuses on how international trading influences the productivity and markup of firms. More recently, she has also worked in research projects on the relationship between firm productivity and modern management practices as well as on how labor market policies influence employment fluctuations.

Before joining the Kiel Institute Cecília Hornok worked as research associate at the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, earlier as pre-doc research fellow at the University of Linz in Austria and, before embarking on her doctoral studies, as central bank economist. Since 2018 she is also post-doc fellow at the Kiel Centre for Globalization.