Special Economic Zones: A force for good to reduce inequality?

Start of Project: 01.01.2020 — End of Project: 30.06.2024

Many developing country governments consider SEZs and the like (industrial parks, free zones, export-processing zones) the golden way to help their countries attract foreign investment and partake in the benefits from global production networks.

However, reliable evidence on the success (or failure) of SEZs in achieving these goals is sporadic and mixed. And even when SEZs generate overall gains for their host countries, not everyone can benefit equally. Inequality among workers, firms and regions within these countries can rise.

We are a consortium of five research institutions from Africa, Asia and Europe that joined forces to better understand the role of SEZs in the economic development process. As part of a four-year research project (2020-2023), we conduct empirical research using observational data on various angles of this topic.

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