Equal Opportunity

The Kiel Institute activley promotes women in their career paths.

The Kiel Institute is committed to increasing the representation of women in higher-skilled roles where women are currently under-represented. In particular, these include management and research positions. Women also receive special assistance in advancing their careers.

Where applicants for advertised vacancies have equal suitability, qualification, and professional achievement, preference is given to female candidates. The Kiel Institute regularly publishes an equal opportunity advancement plan as a staff development tool.

Find below specific measures for the advancement of women at the Kiel Institute.

Equal Opportunity Officers

Excellent Family Awareness: Certificate for the audit workandfamily (audit berufundfamilie)

In May 2022, the Kiel Institute received the audit workandfamily certificate for the first time for the strategic design of its family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy. The certificate, which is considered a seal of quality for a company compatibility policy, is awarded by the Board of Trustees of berufundfamilie Service GmbH. The prerequisite for certification is successful completion of the associated auditing process, in which the status quo of the family- and life-phase-conscious measures already offered was determined and the company-specific potential systematically developed.

You can find more information in our audit berufundfamilie short profile (in German):

Before being certified for the audit workandfamily, the Institute received the Total E-Quality award in 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 for its efforts to promote workplace equality.

  • Hiring procedures
    The Institute adheres to the hiring stipulations in Sections 3, 4, and 6–9 of the Gender Equality Act.
  • Personnel development
    The annual individual meetings between employees and superiors serve as base to discuss personnel development incl. the issue of promotion of female employees. Such meetings enable direct information exchanges and discussions on work content and working plan.  
  • Part-time work
    Generally part-time work is possible in the Kiel Institute. As far as work contents allow, part-time staff members are able to choose among various part-time working schemes (e.g., 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 of full-time work).  Appointments and meetings with superiors are scheduled as far as possible so that part-time staff members will be able to attend. General meetings are also scheduled such that as many part-time staff members as possible can attend during their working hours.
  • Annual working time account
    Employees at the Kiel Institute can apply for using an "annual working time account". Here working time credits and time failures are considered on an annual base (52 weeks). Employees with fixed-term contracts whose working time is less than 52 weeks can have a "rest-annual working time account".
    Time credits can always be compensated by free time, if this does not come into conflict with working obiligations.
  • Telework
    Staff members who wish to work from home are allowed to do so if their teleworking does not compromise supervision by and communication with other staff members, and if their work facilities at home are deemed appropriate. If necessary, these conditions are to be specified in greater detail together with the interested staff member and the Employees Council.
  • Affirmative action measures for female junior researchers
    Women are still underrepresented among the research staff, especially in leading positions. The Institute is striving to increase the number of female researchers in the long term.
    Female students who have the same qualifications as male students are given priority when hiring student assistants. Female Researchers are also supported to develop their career, for example, by giving them more responsibility (by making them project or working group leaders, etc.), and by taking measures that support them in better combining work and family responsibilities, while the latter is provided to male staff members as well.
    Female researchers who are doctoral candidates are given priority when selecting staff members to participate in continuing education programs, conferences and symposia, and summer school and vacation courses. This aims to help them accomplish their doctoral studies during the first qualification phase of six years specified by the Higher Education Framework Act.
  • Child care
    The Institute has contracted with CompanyKids Kiel pme Familienservice GmbH to ensure that staff members’ children receive adequate child care in emergency or problem situations. Staff members can avail themselves of such child care free of charge for their children (0-12 years old) 24/7 year round (normally from 7.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.). pme Familienservice GmbH also offers staff members regular child care or child care on a daily or hourly basis at special prices.