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Kiel Initiative in

Geopolitics and Economics

The international order is undergoing fundamental changes. Geopolitical tensions have increased, with the Russia-Ukraine war and the escalating China-US competition being just the most visible signs. These developments raise questions on the interlinkages of economics and politics that are not well understood. 

  • How do geopolitical risks affect the global economy, in particular international trade and finance?
  • How does the international balance of power interrelate with economic trends?
  • And how are economic tools used to achieve geopolitical goals?

The Kiel Initiative in Geopolitics and Economics (KIGE) will foster the production and dissemination of knowledge on these questions. We will build a global network of researchers and policymakers working at the intersection of economics and geopolitics. Among its key activities, the initiative will host conferences, workshops, and online talks. The aim is to provide a common platform to productively interact - regardless of background and methods used. We are interested in both empirical and theoretical projects and ideas, and we will cover a variety of fields related to geopolitics, including macroeconomics, international trade, finance, political economy, economic history, and international relations.


Best Paper Award in Geoeconomics aimed at junior researchers (not older than 35). The prize will be awarded jointly by Bocconi, CEPR and the Kiel Institute to the best paper presented at a Junior Workshop in Geoconomics that we will co-organize at Bocconi University in Milan on May 29-30.

The submission deadline is April 7. If you are a junior researcher working on the topic, please submit your paper on the Bocconi website.

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Our Partners

> Kiel-CEPR Conference 2023 on Geoeconomics (Videos, Photos & Program)

> Kiel-CEPR Conference 2022 (Videos, Photos & Program)

The initiative will cover a broad range of topics, including the following:

  • International Trade and Geopolitics
    • Economic dependence and interdependence
    • The geopolitics of global value chains
    • Globalization and decoupling
    • Trade wars
  • International Finance and Geopolitics
    • Effects on capital flows, foreign investments and asset prices
    • The geopolitics of global reserve currencies and safe assets
    • The strategic allocation of financial aid
  • Economic Aspects of Conflict and Cooperation
    • The economics of wars
    • Sanctions
    • Globalisation and conflict
    • Alignments and alliance formation
  • National Security
    • Defense expenditures and arms trade
    • Technological sovereignty and competition
    • Energy and food security
    • Securing raw materials and critical inputs

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