Michael Porcellacchia, Ph.D.

Kiel Institute Researcher
International Finance and Macroeconomics

Topics: International Finance, Globalization, International Trade


Main research interests

  • Economic History
  • Political Economy
  • Conflicts
  • International Economics
  • Geopolitical Competition

­Michael Porcellacchia is a PostDoc in the Research Center International Finance and Macroeconomics and will work in the new Kiel Institute initiative on Geopolitics and Economics. He received his PhD in Economics from Northwestern University, specializing in political economy and economic history. His research applies methods from game theory to guide the empirical analysis of long-run trends and patterns. Michael’s job market paper proposes and tests a model of how a country’s alignment with the great powers depends on the particular geopolitical constraints it faces. During his time at the Kiel Institute, Michael plans to continue studying foreign influence and geopolitical competition, and their effect on global investment patterns, trade, alliance formation, and interstate wars.