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Will the BRIC decade continue? The role of rural areas and agriculture


  • Brosig
  • S.
  • Teuber
  • R.
  • Levkovych
  • I.
  • Thiele
  • R.
  • Glauben
  • T.
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In November 2001 Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs presented an outlook on the roles in the global economy of four big emerging economies, Brazil, Russia, India, and China - for which he coined the acronym BRIC.The combination of size and rapid economic growth are common features which suggest clustering these four economies. However, they are quite heterogeneous in other respects. This introduction and the five articles of our Special Feature highlight some of these aspects – mostly with a focus on agricultural issues - and examine in what respects the developments of the ‘BRIC decade’ may or may not continue in years to come.

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Q1, Q5

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  • agriculture
  • BRIC