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University Students’ Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Comparative Analysis of Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Mainland China)


  • Bickenbach
  • F.
  • Dohse
  • D.
  • Liu
  • W.-H.
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Based on original survey data, this paper analyses and compares the role of personal traits and networks in determining entrepreneurial intentions of students in Hong Kong and in Guangzhou. The two cities are culturally closely related but differ strongly with respect to their labour market conditions and the maturity of their legal and business environment. We find that the determinants of students’ entrepreneurial intentions differ substantially between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, with the findings for Hong Kong showing much similarity with previous findings for Western economies. This suggests that differences in labour market prospects and in the maturity of their legal and business environment might be more important than cultural (dis-)similarities in identifying key factors forming students’ entrepreneurial intentions.


JEL Classification
J24, L26, M13, O15

Key Words

  • China
  • entrepreneurial intention
  • Hong Kong
  • personal networks
  • personal traits