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Opening The Floodgates: How Big Companies Can Reap the Benefits Of Corporate Crowdfunding


  • Schöttl
  • C.P.
  • Raasch
  • C.
  • Schweisfurth
  • T.
  • Homma
  • C.
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Digital technologies enable employees at all levels to participate in distributed decision-making. We examine the design principles, benefits, and challenges of a new type of distributed decision-making: internal crowdfunding. We build on a five-year case study of internal crowdfunding contests at Siemens AG to deepen our understanding of the design principles of internal crowdfunding and its potential for corporate innovation. Based on this data, we discuss the three design choices in internal crowdfunding (contributors, configuration, and control), find four key benefits (decentralization, cross-collaboration, institutionalization, and intrapreneurship), and identify three key challenges (dealing with rejected ideas, evaluation biases, and implementation and follow-on funding) and potential actions by managers to overcome them. The paper contributes to both the emerging literature on internal crowdfunding and the literature on distributed decision-making.

Kiel Institute Expert


JEL Classification
M10, O31, O36

Key Words

  • enterprise crowdfunding
  • internal crowdfunding
  • open innovation
  • innovation platform