Journal Article

Selfish-biased Conditional Cooperation: On the Decline of Contributions in Repeated Public Goods Experiments


  • Loos
  • M.
  • Neugebauer
  • T.
  • Perote
  • J.
  • Schmidt
  • U.
Publication Date

In the recent literature, several hypotheses have been put forward in order to explain the decline of contributions in repeated public good games. We present results of an experiment which allows to evaluate these hypotheses. The main characteristics of our experimental design are a variation of information feedback and an elicitation of individual beliefs about others’ contributions. Altogether, our data support the hypothesis of conditional cooperation with a selfish bias.

Kiel Institute Expert


JEL Classification
C72, C92, H41

Key Words

  • conditional cooperation
  • experimental economics
  • information feedback
  • public goods
  • voluntary contributions