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In the Corona Trap: Schleswig-Holstein's Tourism Needs a Restart


  • Schrader
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For Schleswig-Holstein's tourism industry, the Corona year 2020 ended with severe losses: Overnight stays decreased by almost 20 percent and the drop in sales in the hospitality industry alone was more than 25 percent, where every 7th job was also lost. Due to the lockdown that has been in place since November 2020, 2021 has been even worse for tourism so far. Until April, about 15 percent of annual overnight stays are already expected to have been lost. The author shows that only under favorable conditions the previous year's result could be matched. For this to happen, tourism would have to be possible again in May and June. Schleswig-Holstein has the advantage that the focus of overnight stays is on self-catering establishments, which can be opened more easily and quickly than hotels, even if the necessary infection control is maintained. The easing of the infection control requirements in Schleswig-Holstein, which will apply from mid-May, are necessary from an economic point of view and, in the author's opinion, are still timely. However, the restrictive and cost-intensive infection control requirements of the current model regions, which will then apply to the entire state, are not suitable as blueprints for the 2021 vacation in Schleswig-Holstein — they can only be a first step. The goal should rather be a return to the successful regulations of summer 2020. The path towards these regulations can be coupled to the incidence development in stages. An appropriate testing and an increasing immunization of the guests should ensure a relaxed vacation 2021 in the “true north”.

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