Research Seminar

Causal Mechanism Analysis with One IV — Robert Gold

23 Mar 2021


Robert Gold (Kiel Institute)


IV models are frequently used to identifying treatment effects, but they cannot identify the underlying mechanisms. Effect mechanisms are of utmost importance when it comes to policy conclusions, though. For policymakers, it is often easier to influence the mechanisms, e.g. labor market adjustments to an economic shock, than the treatment itself. The talk introduces a novel approach to causal mechanism analysis that allows identifying both treatment effect and economic mechanism with one single IV. It explains the underlying assumptions of `partial confounding’, and exemplifies how to implement the model.

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Christian Dippel (University of California, Los Angeles, CCPR, and NBER.) — Robert Gold (Kiel Institute and CESifo) — Stephan Heblich (University of Bristol, CESifo, IZA, and SERC) — Rodrigo Pinto (University of California, Los Angeles, CCPR, and NBER)


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