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Kiel Institute

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The history of the Kiel Institute building comes alive with our audio guide. Follow the transformation from a seaside resort to the hotel business to today's Institute for the World Economy.

My name is Rolf Langhammer...

Your Guide

In our Audio guide, Prof. Dr. Rolf J. Langhammer introduces you to the history of our main building and several rooms. He himself has been an internationally renowned expert on global economic issues at our Institute for decades. He is also particularly committed to preserving the Institute's history in the public memory.

Position 1

The Historic Building at the Kiel Fjord

Position 2

Entrance hall and stairs

The hotel hall: representative reception for bathing and sailing guests.


Position 3

Rooms With Shared Bathrooms

How hotel guests resided where offices are today.


Position 4

From Salon to Colm-Room

Once a private retreat for hotel guests, the room is nowadays a meeting room with fjord view for everyone. (formerly Common Room)

History of the Kiel Institute

The Kiel Institute looks back on a rich and changeful history in which the scientific work was always oriented to political movements and global economic challenges of each era.

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Directors & Presidents

In its more than 100-year history, the Institute has always been significantly influenced by its directors and presidents. They formed the Institute so that its researchers were able to work on current global economic issues.

Overview of all former presidents