Kiel Institute Foyer


All Presidents and directors of the Kiel Institute

In its more than 100-year history, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy has always been significantly influenced by its directors and presidents. They formed the Institute so that its researchers were able to work on current global economic issues and to take up scientific trends. They themselves were usually very visible and often formative figures in the economic policy debate in Germany.

Directors and Presidents of the Institute

Bernhard Harms

Founding director of the Kiel Institute
February 1914 — May/September 1933


Jens Jessen

Director of the Institute
May/September 1933 — February 1934

Andreas Predöhl

Director of the Institute
March 1934 — November 1945

Fritz Baade

Director of the Institute
April 1948 — March 1961

Erich Schneider

Director of the Institute
April 1961 — December 1968

Herbert Giersch

President of the Institute
January 1969 – March 1989

Horst Siebert

President of the Institute
April 1989 — March 2003

Dennis J. Snower

President of the Institute
October 2004 — February 2019

Gabriel Felbermayr

President of the Institute
March 2019 — September 2021