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Will the tender system of the EEG 2017 slow down the expansion of wind energy onshore? (in German)


  • Wilts
  • H.J.
  • Delzeit
  • R.
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The tendering system in accordance with the German EEG 2017 distinguishes between civil energy companies and commercial providers for onshore wind energy. However, primarily big project developers profit from the less stringent regulation for civil energy companies. According to the authors Hilke Wilts and Ruth Delzeit, the considerable bid price decrease through the past bidding rounds makes it practically impossible to run wind farms profitably. Penalty payments for nonrealization of projects can counteract this trend and ensure the planned build-up of wind energy.


Key Words

  • Bürgerenergiegesellschaften
  • climate policy
  • EEG-Amendment 2017
  • Tender Process
  • Wind Energy

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