Policy Article

Towards an Evidence-Base for the Just Transition


  • Azhgaliyeva
  • D.; Dirksen
  • J.; Korwatanasakul
  • U.; Malpani
  • R.; Lima de Miranda
  • K.; Okitasari
  • M.; Rahut
  • D.; Sedai
  • A.; Sonobe
  • T.; Takemoto
  • A.
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COP28 yielded consensus on transitioning from fossil fuels in energy systems, emphasising a just, orderly, and equitable approach. Central to this agreement is the principle of “leaving no one behind” (LNOB), which seeks not only to mitigate climate change’s propensity to exacerbate vulnerabilities and poverty across current and future generations, but also to avoid reinforcing existing inequities. This brief delineates emerging issues from the just transition framework and proposes critical actions for the G7. These actions are aimed at fostering effective decarbonisation and promoting a just and equitable energy transition both within the G7 nations and globally.

Kiel Institute Expert


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