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The Modern Welfare State: Problems and Suggested Reforms


  • Snower
  • D.J.
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This article examines some of the major market failures and government failures at work in the modern welfare state and investigates the political reasons for ignoring these failures in formulating welfare state policy. Next, the article examines some recent economic developments that endanger the welfare state: the expansion of international trade, skill-biased technological change, and the restructuring of firms. Finally, it suggests some policy approaches that may help make the welfare state more efficient and equitable.

Kiel Institute Expert


Key Words

  • Altersrente
  • distribution of income
  • international trade
  • Internationaler Handel
  • organizational restructuring
  • Pensions
  • Social Insurance
  • Sozialversicherung
  • technological change
  • Technologischer Wandel
  • Unemployment Benefit Systems
  • Welfare State
  • Wohlfahrtsstaat