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The Macroeconomic Role of Currency Reserve Accumulation in Emerging Markets - The Asian Experience


  • Beckmann
  • J.
  • Berger
  • T.
  • Czudaj
  • R.
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The impact of currency reserve accumulation is controversially discussed since reserve accumulation potentially destabilises the international financial system and causes crises due to higher systemic risk. The main aim of this paper is to put the macroeconomic role of currency reserve accumulation for four Asian economies under closer scrutiny. The key question is whether accumulating currency reserves is beneficial from a long-run perspective. Based on a vector error correction approach, we start by analysing long-run steady-state relationships between currency reserves, exchange rates against the US dollar, real GDP and interest rates. Our findings show that cumulated currency reserve shocks significantly affect real GDP. A likely explanation for our finding is that accumulation of reserves has supported growth through providing liquidity and supporting the development of the financial sector for the economies under observation

Kiel Institute Expert


Key Words

  • Asia
  • emerging markets