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Special Trade Relations between Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark? A Comparison of the Border Trade of the German Federal States


  • Schrader
  • K.
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Against the backdrop of intensive export relations between Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark, this study examines the significance of this border trade for Schleswig-Holstein and the significance of this trade in comparison to the border trade of the other federal states. The study shows that Schleswig-Holstein's exports to Denmark are much more important than those to Germany as a whole, but that they by no means dominate Schleswig-Holstein's exports. A comparison of the border trade of the German federal states reveals that although Schleswig-Holstein's exports to Denmark are significant, they are not singular due to the more intensive export relations of other federal states with their neighbors — even though the share of Danish exports in Schleswig-Holstein is much higher than the respective share in Germany as a whole. However, the analysis also shows that the attractiveness of the Danish market differs by Schleswig-Holstein's industries: Instead of the relatively technology-intensive heavyweights in Schleswig-Holstein's overall exports, exports in more raw material-intensive commodity groups dominate here.

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Key Words

  • border trade
  • Denmark
  • Exportstrukturen
  • Federal States
  • Schleswig-Holstein

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