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Public Education Policies and Convergence


  • Ott
  • I.
  • Soretz
  • S.
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This paper employs a dynamic framework to compare the effects of alternative government policies on convergence of industrialized economies to the technology frontier. The government’s instruments include facilitating private investment and education policy. The latter enhances skills of heterogenous specialists and implies the decision on their respective shares. The analysis distinguishes between an isolated policy of a single economy and coordinated policies of various countries. Which policy maximizes the speed of convergence is crucially affected by the economy’s state of development. A policy switch between the mentioned instruments while catching-up may be preferable.


JEL Classification
O31, O33, O38, J24, L26

Key Words

  • Amount and structure of public
  • Ausgaben
  • education policy
  • expenditure
  • Highly skilled specialists