Policy Article

Potentials and opportunities to build a common economic region Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg (original publication in German)


  • Schrader
  • K.
  • Laaser
  • C.-F.
  • Soltwedel
  • R.
Publication Date

Against the background of the increasing globalization of economic relations, the study presented here examines the potential and opportunities for building a joint Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg economic region. The authors conclude that building such a region with close and institutionalized cooperation in selected fields of action would be a pragmatic approach to solve concrete problems and to eliminate bottlenecks affecting both federal states in the short and medium run. However, such cooperation can only work if there is the willingness to accept a reconciliation of interests at eye level. In this case, the intensity of future cooperation would depend from concrete progress in detail.


Key Words

  • Economic integration
  • Hamburg
  • regional policy
  • Schleswig-Holstein

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