Görg and Kooths take over interim presidency of the Kiel Institute

Stefan Kooths und Holger Görg (von links)

Kooths and Görg, together with Birgit Austen-Bosy, the administrative director, form a three-person management board. The goal is to continue to implement the Institute's strategy, which was developed in a collaborative process in 2019, and to maintain the scientific and organizational achievements until a new president is appointed.

Görg and Kooths will work in parallel, representing the Institute both within Germany as well as beyond. Their roles are clearly defined. Görg will focus on topics touching on international trade and investment. Meanwhile, Kooths will deal with issues related to business cycles, in addition to economic and financial policy in Germany and Europe. Görg will lead and co-ordinate the Institute’s research activities and take responsibility for liaising with scientific research partners. Kooths will concern himself predominantly with the public outreach of the Institute as well as its consulting activities.

The reappointment procedure for the presidency of the Kiel Institute is progressing according to plan. In view of the complexity of the procedure and the careful work required of the search and appointment committees, a decision can be expected in the course of next year. 

In April, Felbermayr had announced his intention to leave the Institute before the end of his contract in order to take over the management of the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) on October 1.  The decision was then taken to appoint an interim scientific president for the Kiel Institute.

Holger Görgis Director of the Research Center for International Trade and Investment at the Institute. He is also Professor of International Economics at Christian-Albrecht’s-University Kiel. Since 2016, he has also directed the Kiel Centre for Globalization. He is a Research Fellow at the Tuborg Centre for Globalisation and Firms at Aarhus University, the Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy at the University of Nottingham and the IZA in Bonn. Before moving to Kiel, he taught and conducted research at the University of Nottingham, University of Ulster at Jordanstown and University College Cork. His research interests are in empirical international trade. Görg has worked or is working as a consultant for the World Bank, the European Commission, the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and various ministries.

Stefan Koothsis Director of the Research Center Business Cycle and Growth at the Institute and teaches at the BSP Business and Law School in Berlin. In addition to business cycle research, his work focuses primarily on issues of stabilization policy, monetary and exchange rate policy, international economic relations and regulatory economics. Before moving to Kiel in 2010, he held a position as Research Manager in the Macro Analysis and Forecasting Department at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). From 2013 to 2020, he taught as Professor of Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (Berlin Campus). He is Chairman of the Friedrich August v. Hayek Society and a member of the Mont Pèlerin Society. He sits on the Board of Directors of the World Economic Council and serves the Academic Advisory Board of the Liberal Institute (Zurich).

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