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Introduction to the Handbook of Digital Entrepreneurship


  • Sorgner
  • A.
  • Keyhani
  • M.
  • Kollmann
  • T.
  • Hall
  • C.
  • Ashjari
  • A.
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The Handbook of Digital Entrepreneurship compiles a diverse set of contributions on digital entrepreneurship, providing an in-depth study of how digital entrepreneurship research has evolved over the years, and where it stands today. Offering a snapshot of the major themes in digital entrepreneurship research, the Handbook highlights a wide range of both practice-engaged and practice-relevant works and explores the fundamental concepts and common themes in the field. Chapters examine key topics including the digital platform economy, the digitalisation of work, the blockchain economy and the rural-urban digital divide. The Handbook further analyses the history and theory of digital entrepreneurship, while also sparking ideas for future research through a consideration of emerging phenomena and new ways to approach research in this broad area of study. Discussing a diverse set of questions, contexts, theories and methods, this Handbook will be a key resource for researchers and advanced students with a particular interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology management and digital business models. Managers and entrepreneurs will also find the discussion of digital entrepreneurship in relation to financing, social issues, and technology beneficial.

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JEL Classification
L26, M10, M20, O33

Key Words

  • blockchain technologies
  • digital entrepreneurship
  • digital entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • digital platform economy
  • regional digital divides