Working Paper

Family Firm Internationalization: Influence of Familiness on the Spanish Firm Export Activity


  • Merino
  • F.
  • Monreal-Pérez
  • J.
  • Sánchez-Marín
  • G.
Publication Date

This paper studies the determinants of the export activity of family SMEs, disentangling the three main dimensions that comprise the concept of familiness: power, experience, and culture. The results, using the F-PEC scale over a sample of 500 Spanish SMEs, show that this approach identifies the determinants that explain the export activity of family SMEs better than a simple dichotomous approach. Specifically, we find that the expertise transmitted from different generations and the family culture orientation to the firm positively affect the international activities of family SMEs; however, the composition of the firm control–management does not have any significant influence on internationalization.


Key Words

  • export activity
  • F-PEC scale
  • Familiness
  • Family SMEs
  • Spanish firms