Working Paper

A Simple Model of Outsourcing with Cournot Competition


  • Hübler
  • M.
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The paper analyses a partial equilibrium outsourcing model with Cournot competition in

intermediate good production. Final production is located in western Europe, whereas the

intermediate good can be manufactured by a western (outsourcing) or eastern European supplier

(offshore outsourcing). Interregional production (factor) allocation depending on factor prices and

productivity levels is investigated analytically and graphically. The main results are: Higher

production costs in one region reduce intermediate good production in both regions leading to a

substitution effect between high- and low-skilled labour intensive inputs rather than between eastern

and western low-skilled labour intensive inputs. The sensitivity of outsourcing activities to

production cost changes is highest when the interregional cost differential is smallest.


JEL Classification
D24, D43, F20, J3

Key Words

  • Cournot competition
  • intermediate good
  • Offshoring
  • outsourcing