Special Topics

The Special Topics unit primarily conducts economic policy-oriented research on economic structures, including regional structural analyses and analyses of structural problems in the EU. One focus is on analyses of the North German economy, which are conducted under the umbrella of the Institute's "Nordwärts-Initiative" for which the unit is responsible. In addition, the unit produces the Kiel Subsidy Report, in which the scope and structure of German subsidies are regularly recorded and evaluated. From their empirical work, the members of the unit derive economic policy recommendations on current issues that are addressed to policy makers as well as to the broader public. Team members and temporary project staff members publish the results of their research in economic policy-oriented publication series as well as in relevant journals. The unit is also in charge of the Kiel Institute’s two economic publication series, "Kiel Policy Briefs" and "Kieler Beiträge zur Wirtschaftspolitik". 

Kiel Subsidy Reports

Since 1998, the Kiel Subsidy Report of the Kiel Institute documents the financial assistance provided by the Federal Government and the Länder as well as the overall tax benefits.

The number of subsidies recorded is significantly higher than in the official subsidy report of the Federal Government.

The subsidy report also includes sine 2017 a categorisation of the most important financial assistance from the federal government and the largest tax concessions with regard to their gradual harmfulness, according to a "red-yellow-green" traffic light scheme.

The report is only available in German and published by the area Special Topics.

Kiel Subsidy Reports