Net Social Benefits of Carbon Dioxide Removal: Carbon Cycle Feedbacks and Strategic Advantages (CDRecon)

Start of Project: 01.12.2019 — End of Project: 31.12.2022

To maintain the chance of keeping the average global temperature increase below 2°C and to limit long-term climate change, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (Carbon Dioxide Removal, CDR) and disposing of it in non-atmospheric carbon reservoirs is becoming increasingly necessary. Information on the social cost of carbon, i.e. measuring the cost of emitting carbon into the atmosphere, is not sufficient for assessing the social benefits of CDR because the social cost of non-atmospheric carbon reservoirs and strategic implications associated with CDR need to be taken into account. CDRecon aims at investigating the following questions:

  1. What carbon cycle models are appropriate for integrated assessment of the net social benefits of CDR?
  2. What is an appropriate scheme for assigning carbon credits to CDR?
  3. How is globally-coordinated climate policy affected by CDR?
  4. How is international carbon leakage and free-riding affected by CDR?

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