Excellence Award winners Mathieu Couttenier (Universität Genf), Ferdinand Rauch (University of Oxford), Felix Tintelnot (Chicago University) with Dennis J. Snower.

Excellence Awards

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Our Award for Young Researchers

The aim of the Kiel Institute's Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs is to build an international community of the brightest young researchers in this area. These researchers are to be given intellectual, financial, and administrative support to pursue focused programs of research in designated areas. Economists until the age of 35 are invited to apply for this award. The Excellence Awards have been presented annually since 2007.

Excellence Award 2022

Nitya Pandalai-Nayar (Sauer Compressors Group Fellowship)
Ernest Liu (Kiel Institute fellowship)
Dmitry Mukhin (Porsche fellowship) 
David Yang (Otto Group  Fellowship)

Excellence Award 2021

Natalie Bau (Porsche Fellowship)
Jesse Schreger (Landeshauptstadt Kiel fellowship)
Ludwig Straub (Theodor Wille and Heinrich-Diederichsen `fair trade´ fellowship)
Frank Schilbach (Horst Siebert fellowship)

Excellence Award 2020

Michela Giorcelli (Porsche Fellowship)
Javier Cravino (Theodor Wille and Heinrich-Diederichsen `fair trade´ fellowship)
Teodora Boneva (Landeshauptstadt Kiel fellowship)
Luigi Bocola (Siebert Fellowship)

Excellence Award 2019

Xavier Jaravel (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Joseph Shapiro (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Alexander Wolitzky (Porsche Fellowship)

►Excellence Award Ceremony 2019

Excellence Award 2018

Mathieu Couttenier (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Felix Tintelnot (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Ferdinand Rauch (Theodor Wille and Heinrich-Diederichsen `fair trade´ Fellowship)
Matteo Maggiori (Porsche Fellowship)

►Excellence Award Ceremony 2018

Excellence Award 2017 

Treb Allen (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Samuel Bazzi (Porsche Fellowship)
Gabriel Zucman (Horst Siebert Fellowship)

►Excellence Award Ceremony 2017

Excellence Award 2016

Ufuk Akcigit (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
David Atkin (Porsche Fellowship)
Javier Bianchi (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Nicholas Sly (Kiel Institute Fellowship)

Excellence Award 2015

Amit Khandelwal (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Camille Landais (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Stelios Michalopoulos (Birke Hospitality Fellowship)
Jonathan Vogel (Porsche Fellowship)


Excellence Award 2014

David Dorn (Birke Hospitality Fellowship)
Loukas Karabarbounis (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Richard Hornbeck (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Yuliy Sannikov (Porsche Fellowship)


Excellence Award 2013

Tarek Hassan (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Nancy Qian (Birke Hospitality Fellowship)
Ricardo Reis (Porsche Fellowship)
Pierre Yared (Horst Siebert Fellowship)

Excellence Award 2012

Jan de Loecker (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Oleg Itskhoki (Porsche Fellowship)
Kalina Manova (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Huanhuan Zheng (Birke Hospitality Fellowship)


Excellence Award 2011

Arnaut Costinot (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Yuriy Gorodnichenko (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Eleonora Patacchini (Birke Hospitality Fellowship)
Paolo Surico (Porsche Fellowship)


Excellence Award 2010

Hartmut Egger (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Veronica Guerrieri (Porsche Fellowship)
Edward Miguel (Kiel Institute Fellowship)
Sami Vähämaa (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)

Excellence Award 2009

Johannes van Biesebroeck (Porsche Fellowship)
Gino Gancia (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Thijs van Rens (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Noah Williams (Kiel Institute Fellowship)


Excellence Award 2008

Rafael Lalive (Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship)
Nuno Limao (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Stephen Redding (Porsche Fellowship)
Silvana Tenreyro (Kiel Institute Fellowship)


Excellence Award 2007

Marcel Fratzscher (Horst Siebert Fellowship)
Selin Sayek (Kiel Institute Fellowship)
Justin Wolfers (Porsche Fellowship)
Dean Yang (Kiel Institute Fellowship)