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World Trade by Commodity Classes and Regions in percent of total – Historical Data (break 2008)


  • Langhammer
  • R.J.
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 Historical Data (break 2008)

The databank reports on world trade for one and two-digit SITC categories in total trade and trade in manufactures based on UN Comtrade data. To account for the internal trade character of intra-EU trade, trade shares are calculated with and without EU-intra trade, respectively. In the latter case, the EU is taken as a single reporting unit.

  • World Trade ("world trade" in pdf and xlsx)
  • World Trade excluding Intra-EU ("trade_extra-EU" in pdf and xlsx)
  • World Trade excluding Intra-Europe ("trade_extra-europe" in pdf and xlsx)

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  • World Trade
  • developed economies
  • developing regions

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