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Understanding Economic Sanctions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory and Evidence


  • Felbermayr
  • G.
  • Morgan
  • T.C.
  • Syropoulos
  • C.
  • Yotov
  • Y.V.
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We review a number of developments and trends in the literature on economic sanctions. We discuss salient contributions to the theoretical literature, data collection, and empirical work on the impact, effectiveness and success of sanctions in Economics and Political Sci- ence. Our interdisciplinary perspective highlights the existence of a stark contrast in the ways the two disciplines view and analyze sanctions. Taking advantage of this perspective, we identify potential directions for future work. Most importantly, we argue that moving toward a better understanding of the causes and consequences of economic sanctions re- quires a much tighter integration of concepts from Political Science and Economics and a more extensive interdisciplinary collaboration.

Kiel Institute Expert


JEL Classification
F1, F13, F14, F5, F51, H5, N4

Key Words

  • Embargo
  • Sanctions

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