Journal Article

The blue carbon wealth of nations


  • Christine Bertram
  • Martin Quaas
  • Thorsten B. H. Reusch
  • Athanasios T. Vafeidis
  • Claudia Wolff
  • Wilfried Rickels
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Carbon sequestration and storage in mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass meadows is an essential coastal ‘blue carbon’ ecosystem service for climate change mitigation. Here we offer a comprehensive, global and spatially explicit economic assessment of carbon sequestration and storage in three coastal ecosystem types at the global and national levels. We propose a new approach based on the country-specific social cost of carbon that allows us to calculate each country’s contribution to, and redistribution of, global blue carbon wealth. Globally, coastal ecosystems contribute a mean ± s.e.m. of US$190.67 ± 30 bn  yr−1 to blue carbon wealth. The three countries generating the largest positive net blue wealth contribution for other countries are Australia, Indonesia and Cuba, with Australia alone generating a positive net benefit of US$22.8 ± 3.8 bn  yr1 for the rest of the world through coastal ecosystem carbon sequestration and storage in its territory.

Kiel Institute Expert

Key Words

  • carbon sequestration
  • Coastal ecosystems
  • inclusive wealth