Policy Article

Sovereign bond purchases and risk sharing arrangements: Implications for euro area monetary policy


  • Jens Boysen-Hogrefe
  • Salomon Fiedler
  • Nils Jannsen
  • Claire Boeing-Reicher
  • Stefan Reitz
Publication Date

The ECB has launched a Quantitative Easing programme similar to recent programmes launched by other central banks. In launching this programme, the  Eurosystem takes additional risks on its balance sheet. Currently, the probability of these risks materializing seems to be relatively small. Nonetheless, if this  probability were to increase, the ECB and national central banks may find  themselves under increasing political pressure, which in turn may weaken the  institutional structure underlying monetary policy in the euro area.


Key Words

  • Europäische Zentralbank
  • European Central Bank
  • Quantitative Easing