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Reinvigorating Multilateral Cooperation During the COVID-19 Crisis: The Role of the G20


  • Görlich
  • D.
  • Stein-Zalai
  • J.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear how important multilateral cooperation is in overcoming global challenges, such as this global health crisis. The COVID-19 crisis and its socioeconomic impact are likely to reinforce previous tendencies toward nationalism, protectionism, and increasing inequality, which make fruitful international cooperation even more difficult. The Group of 20 (G20) can prevent this by lending political support to existing multilateral actors and agreements, particularly to the World Health Organization and Sustainable Development Goals. It can set norms with regard to health as a global public good and initiate a task force to evaluate and improve the International Health Regulations.


Key Words

  • Covid-19
  • G20
  • global governance
  • global public goods
  • multilateralism

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